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Co-founder & Organizer, hack.init() & THEHack (Feb 2017 - Jul 2018) • Co-founded and organized China's largest youth hackathon (24 hours, 300 & 500 students respectively) in 2017 and 2018 in Shanghai. • In charge of program planning and on-site operations. • Secured sponsorship from tech companies such as Amazon AWS and Cisco. • Planned and delivered 10 pre-event workshops.

Event Coordinator, Toronto Hacker Club (Dec 2016 - Oct 2017) The Toronto Hacker Club is a student-run organization aiming to promote computer science education in high schools throughout the Greater Toronto Area. • Created the organization's homepage and websites for events. • In charge of speakers and venue selection, mediating workshops, planning event schedule, on-site and post-event operations. • Organized THacks 2 at the Unversity of Toronto (300 developers, 24 hours), Canada's largest high school hackathon. • Organized several workshops with Mozilla, local communities, NeurotechTO on JavaScript development, technology education, and Neurotechnology.

Advisor, TechX Academy (Jun - Jul 2019): Advise the design and planning of TechX Academy's annual end-of-session hackathon.

Mentor for multiple hackathons: hack.init() 2017, NxtHacks 2017, Cipher Presents Local Hack Day 2016

Campus Ambassador, PennApps (Nov 2016 – Aug 2018): Promote Penn Apps XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII to students in the Toronto area, through marketing, reaching out to computer science clubs and classes, and creating a website listing hackathon opportunities.

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